Honeyview is a free image viewer/editor software which can also be used as an image converter software. It supports single image conversion method for converting image file to different supported image formats. Although, the conversion is not a direct one, but it becomes easy once you are familiar with the correct options.

As this freeware is an image editor cum image viewer software, it features several image editing/viewing tools. All these tools can be easily accessed from its unique Menu Bar displayed at the top-left of the interface and are as follows:

  • View: Stretch Small  Images, Original size, Fit in Window, Fit in Width, Smart Double Page, etc.
  • Slideshow: Various time laps, Repeat, Random, No Effect, Flip, Fade, Scale, etc.
  • Bookmark: Add to Bookmarks, Delete All Bookmarks, Bookmarks Settings, Edit Bookmarks, etc.
  • Edit: Convert Image, Copy to Clipboard, Open With Image Editor, etc.
  • Copy to: Copy to Photo Folder 1, Move to Photo Folder 1, Photo Folder Settings, etc.

Apart from these, a horizontal toolbar panel is also displayed below the interface with buttons to Open File, Select Image, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Previous, and Next.

How to Convert a Single Image With Honeyview:

Step 1: Click on Open File button and browse and select a supported image in Honeyview.

Step 2: You can use its featured viewing/editing tools to edit/view a loaded image.

Step 3: Now to continue with the conversion process, go to Edit menu and select Convert Image option. This will open a new pop-up window.

Step 4: Select the desired Output Format and also specify Output Folder to store the converted image file. You can also set a few image conversion parameters featured in this window.

Step 5: Click on Start button to begin the conversion of loaded image to the selected output format.

See yourself, once accustomed to the right options, how easy it gets to proceed with conversion process with Honeyview!

The image formats which are supported for conversion are: PNG, JPG, BMP, BPG, and WEBP.

My Opinion on Honeyview as an Image Converter Software:

Honeyview, being such a simple and small sized image viewer software, proves its worth as an image converter too. Although the image formats supported for conversion are quite a few, the conversion of various image file into them were successful. Also, the featured image conversion parameters are well enough be utilized for conversion.

I must say, for some peculiar conversion of image formats into its supported image formats, Honeyview might come in handy besides being used as an image viewer. You should definitely opt for it.

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