HeliosPaint is a free image editor or a paint program, which can be used as an image converter too. This freeware supports single image conversion method and for this, its Save As option is actively used. A single image file can be loaded and converted to the supported image formats easily with it.

As this freeware is basically an image editor software, it features numerous image tools for the purpose. These tools are easily accessible from various Menu options which are displayed on its interface. Some of these tools are:

  • Edit: Undo, Redo, Cut, Paste, Copy, Select All, Import Selection, and Export Selection.
  • Tools: Colours and paints, Set Background Paper Colour, Set Canvas Size, Batch Resize, etc.
  • Settings: Use Antialiasing, Show Image Edge, Show Line Animations, etc.

Besides these tools, many shortcut buttons for their respective tools are also displayed on the interface of this freeware along with Transparency Mode, Zoom, and Selected Area window.

How to Convert an Image Using HeliosPaint:

Like I mentioned at the top most paragraph, HeliosPaint can convert a single image at a time and for this Save As option is used. The steps for conversion are easy to follow, which are as following:

Step 1: Open any supported image file in HeliosPaint.

Step 2: Use its image editing tools to edit the image or use them as image conversion parameters.

Step 3: When finished with the editing part, click on Save As option under File menu. This will open a new pop-up window.

Step 4: Select the Output Format from its dropdown list and also specify the Output Folder in order to store the converted image file.

Step 5: When all set, click on Save button to get the image converted to the selected output format in no time.

See for yourself, aren’t these steps for conversion easy to carry out?!

HeliosPaint maintains an identical list of image formats for its Read and Write operations. The image formats supported are: PGM, PICT, RAS, JPG, PPM, GIF, XPM, TGA, JPEG, BMP, WBMP, PCX, PNG,  PCT, PSD, TIFF, and PPM.

All these Read and Write image formats can be combined to make some peculiar image format combinations for conversion task.

 My Opinion on HeliosPaint as an Image Converter:

HeliosPaint, being such a simple paint program, proved to be a pretty successful converter software too. Amazing thing with this freeware is its numerous tools which can be used as image conversion parameters besides being used for image editing. All the conversion were carried out successfully.

I must say, HeliosPaint may prove worthy when no other good image converter is found for the conversion purpose. You should definitely try it at such time.

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