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Free Photo Viewer is a free image viewer software, which you can utilize as an image converter software too. It can convert single image at at a time. The conversion process uses its Save Image As feature for the purpose.

As this freeware is a basic image viewer software, it consists of several image viewing tools along with few image editing options too. These viewing/editing tools can be accessed from various Menu options, displayed on the interface. Some of the commonly used tools are:

  • View: Large icons, Small icons, List, Details, Thumbnails, Image, Full screen, etc.
  • Image: Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Zoom in (+), Zoom Out (-), 100%, Resize, Paste, Slideshow, etc.
  • Service: Search by EXIF, Settings, and Language.
  • Settings button: Common, View, Fullscreen, Slideshow, RAW (Common), RAW (Brightness), RAW (Enhancements), and RAW (Rare).

Apart from these, various other shortcut buttons are also featured on the interface for their respective tools.

How to Convert an Image Using Free Photo Viewer:

As described above, Free Photo Viewer can convert a single image file at a time. The steps for this task are convenient enough to carry out and are as following:

Step 1: Open any supported image file in Free Photo Viewer.

Step 2: You can use its various featured image viewing/editing tools to edit/view the loaded image or you can use them as image conversion parameters.

Step 3: Click on Save image as under File menu. This will open a pop-up window for further processing.

Step 4: Now, in this newly opened pop-up window, select the image format in which the image is to be converted, i.e. Output Format. You also have to specify the location of the folder to store the image file after its conversion, i.e. Output Folder.

Step 5: When all set, just click on Save button and the loaded image file will be converted to the selected output format and saved to the specified output folder.

As you can see, these steps are pretty easy to understand and anyone can easily carry them out for image format conversion process.

The list of image formats which Free Photo Viewer supports for conversion are: JPG, TGA, PNG, BMP, and GIF. Although this list comprises of very few image formats for conversion, they can be combined for some peculiar image conversion combination.

My Opinion on Free Photo Viewer as an Image Converter:

Free Photo Viewer being such a light weight viewer program really amazed me with its support for image conversion process. The steps involved in the conversion of a loaded image is pretty easy and all the conversion were carried out successfully. Also, the use of its various image editing tools as image conversion parameters was an amazing trick to be applied with conversion task.

I must say, Free Photo Viewer is definitely a good software to be tried as an image converter software. You must opt it for converting images.

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