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Easy Graphic Converter is a free converter software that can convert various supported image formats and is solely built for conversion purpose only. It supports Batch image conversion method and multiple image files as well as image folders can added to it for conversion. The conversion steps are easy but need to be followed precisely using the correct options.

Coming to its interface, which is simple to understand and comprises of several options that are related to image conversion process.

  • Add: The very first button displayed on the interface and is used to add multiple image files or image folders for conversion.
  • Remove: It is used to remove the files which have been added by mistake or needed for conversion.
  • Settings: It comprises of Output Format, Quality, Resize Option, File Name, and Path Options.
  • Added Files field: In this field, all the added files are displayed along with their respective details.
  • Start: This button simply initiates the conversion process when clicked.

Besides these, a long Progressive Bar is also featured, which displays the progress of the conversion task in percentage.

How to Batch Convert Images Using Easy Graphic Converter:

As mentioned, this freeware batch converts images in very easy steps, which are as following:

Step 1: Click on Add button and subsequently choose Add Files options to add multiple image files or Add Folder options to add an image folder.

Step 2: The added files can be viewed in the added file list and are displayed in the order they were selected.

Step 3: Click on Settings button to open a new window. Here, you get multiple options, which you can use for conversion.

Step 4: In the new window, select the Output Format from Output Format field and also specify the Output Directory under File Name & Path field.

Step 5: You can set Quality, Resize, and set other options as image conversion parameters.

Step 6: Click on OK button to move to the main window and there click on Start button to batch convert images. You can view the progress of the ongoing task in Progress Bar.

As you see, these steps are very simple and easy for anyone to carry out.

Easy Graphic Converter maintains a good list of image formats for conversion, which are: TIFF, PCX, EMF, JPG, PSD, DIB, PNG,BMP, TGA, JPEG, WMF, and GIF.

My Opinion on Easy Graphic Converter:

Easy Graphic Converter, being a dedicated image converter software, does justice to the purpose it was made for. Although, it is a simple converter software, good thing with this freeware is that it features various image conversion parameters along with supporting some rare image formats. The only thing it lacks is a preview option, which could have been an added advantage for this freeware.

I would say, Easy Graphic is good converter software to be used for converting images. You should give it a try.

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